CERA 2022 Presentation
Analysis of An Integrated County-Based System of Care Through Cross-Sector Collaboration: Humboldt County

by Michelle Magyar; Nisha Bala; Chris Hartley; Ronda Stemach; Amber Valdez; Natalie Walrond

This section is a presentation of our work in the Impact Series, a part of a larger collaborative inquiry on measuring the effectiveness of state funding for student's social, emotional, and mental health. The CCEE convened an impact advisory team consisting of partners from across California in the education and health sectors (including county offices of education [COEs], state entities, and research and technical assistance organizations) who have involvement and expertise in the state’s social-emotional learning (SEL) and whole-person programs.  This work produced case stories, demonstration sites, and data analyses, some of which we are highlighting here at CERA 2022.

Our objective in this presentation is to offer opportunities to learn about potential ways to link education and health data to provide a comprehensive assessment of effectiveness and impact on student outcomes.

CERA CCEE Nov 2022