Statewide Scans

What are the statewide investments in social-emotional learning, mental health, well-being, and conditions of learning?

To understand the scope of support for students social-emotional learning, mental heath, and wellbeing across the state, an initial inventory of statewide initiatives was created to provide context and a reference point for further analyses. These inventories complement existing efforts in the education and health sectors (e.g., Field Guide for Integrated Systems of Care). The Children and Youth Behavioral Health Initiative (CYBHI) is currently working on a Landscape Analysis to inform the development of workstreams and spur collaboration and connections across ongoing state efforts in health and education. The analysis will include a set of deep-dive profiles of existing and new state behavioral health efforts and initiatives related to the behavioral health system for children and youth. The analysis initially will be shared publicly this summer and updated over time.

The inventory of statewide initiatives provides an overview of the initiative and funding. With an emphasis in demonstrating impact, the inventory also includes if data collection is required as part of the program and if there are any required reports that are due to the Legislature.

In addition to the inventory, a list of data collection tools is provided to highlight the surveys, instruments, and data collection tools that are used to collect student, staff, administrator, and parent perceptions of social-emotional learning and integrated supports that are being offered throughout the school year.