Program Impact

What investments has the county region received and/or competed for to support student social-emotional learning (SEL), mental health, and wellbeing?

As part of the collective approach to understanding the impact of statewide investments in social-emotional learning (SEL) and student mental health and wellbeing, the advisory group of practitioners identified different funding opportunities through designated apportionments and competitive grants. Another indicator of impact is reflected in county efforts to measure SEL, student mental health, and wellbeing, using valid and reliable survey tools and instruments. The emphasis on measurement was heightened during the onset of the pandemic and continues today as local educational agencies use these student level data to address local issues impacting K-12 education communities. If these surveys/tools are not included in funding opportunities, such as, the modified California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) as a required tool for Cal-Well funding and participation, then counties invest additional dollars to provide districts with annual and/or regular screeners to gauge student perceptions of climate and wellbeing. These expenditures in turn support goals, actions, and services in county and district plans such as the Learning Continuity Plans, the Expanded Learning and Opportunities Plan, and the Local Control and Accountability Plans, addressing the needs that were particularly important and impactful during COVID.

To learn more about Humboldt County grants and expenditures, click on the integrated timeline, investment and revenue, and COE participation links below. More specific information on program impact through participation in specific statewide initiatives for the Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS), Mental Health Services Act Triage (Bridges to Success), Cal-Well, Cal-Hope, and ACEs Aware are also provided through the links below.