Sacramento County Office of Education:

  • Superintendent Gordon

  • Brent Malicote, Assistant Superintendent

Santa Clara County Office of Education:

  • Superintendent Dewann

  • Amanda Dickey, Director of Government Relations

  • Anisha Munshi, Associate Superintendent

  • Jamie Whitford, Administrator of Superintendent Projects

Humboldt County Office of Education:

  • Ronda Stemach

California Department of Education:

  • Mary Nicely, Chief Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction

  • Sarah Neville-Morgan, Deputy Superintendent

  • Michael Funk, Director

  • Tom Herman, Administrator

  • Steve Zimmer, Deputy Superintendent

  • Julia Agnostenelli, Consultant

  • Jonathan Isler, Administrator

  • Cindy Kazanis, Director

California Collaborative for Educational Excellence:

  • Matt Navo, Executive Director

  • Sujie Shin, Deputy Executive Director

  • Stephanie Gregson, Deputy Executive Director

  • Chris Hartley, Deputy Executive Director

  • Roni Jones, Asst. Director

  • Stacey Wedin, Asst. Director

  • David Toston, Sr. Advisor

  • Mindy Fattig, Sr. Advisor

  • Michelle Magyar, Sr. Advisor

  • Sehrish Anjum, Specialist

  • Nhi Hang, Specialist

  • Melissa Hodgson, Specialist

  • Allan Taing, Sr. Manager

  • Italo Ciccarelli, Specialist

CA Mental Health and Oversight and Accountability Commission:

  • Brian Sala, Director of Evaluation and CIO

  • Tom Orrock, Chief of Commission Operations and Grants

  • Latonya Harris, Ph.D., Research Scientist III

  • Kai Le Masson, Ph.D., Schools Project Lead

  • Toby Ewing, Executive Director

WestEd Team:

  • Natalie Walrond, Content Area Director, Resilient and Healthy Schools and Communities, Director, Center to Improve Social and Emotional Learning and School Safety

  • Amber Valdez, Senior Program Associate

  • Tom Hanson, Senior Managing Director, Lead CalSCHLS

  • Rebeca Cerna, Area Director, Lead SEL and school climate data

  • Jason Willis, Director Strategic Resource Planning and Implementation

  • Jana Rosborough, Senior Program Associate, Special Education

  • Nisha Bala, Research Associate

  • Nicholas Gage, Senior Research Associate

  • Theresa Pfister, Program Associate

  • Natalie Romer, Senior Associate

  • Nicole Tirado-Strayer, Senior Research Associate

  • Lorelle Wien, Senior Project Manager

Excelsior Charter School/ICEF/CCSA:

  • Dr. Derek King, Superintendent, Excelsior Charter School

  • Jamie Lowe, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services

  • Gina Plate, Vice President, CCSSA

  • Parker Hudnut, CEO, ICEF

  • Shelby Pealer, Director of Student Services, ICEF

California Alliance

  • Chris Stoner-Mertz, Chief Executive Officer

  • Jay Calcagno, Policy Associate

  • Danielle Gabri, Senior Policy Associate

  • Adrienne Shilton, Director of Public Policy and Strategy

Orange County Department of Education:

  • Lauren Duran, Coordinator, Evaluation, Assessment and Data Center

  • Rhonda Marriott, Manager, Learning Support Services (LSS)

  • Christine Olmstead, Chief Academic Officer (CAO)

  • Jami Parsons, Director, Learning Supports

  • Colleen Ferreira, Coordinator, SEL/Mental Health

Butte County Office of Education:

  • Sandra Azevedo (Coordinator, Continuous Improvement), Butte COE

  • Jeanette Spencer, Senior Advisor for District Support and Educational Leadership, Student Programs and Educational Support

Program Experts:

  • Dr. Emily Davis, Teacher Development Network

  • Dr. Josh Morgan #dataforgood, National Director of Behavioral Health and Whole Person Care

  • Katie Brackenridge, Partnership Director, Turnaround for Children

  • Dr. Joel Rabin, Inform2Inspire

  • Wendy Baron, Social Emotional Learning Consultant and Coach

  • Zach Smith, Novak Educational Consulting

  • Dr. Regan Foust, Executive Director, Children’s Data Network

  • Zachary Rankin, Kelvin Education

  • Jennifer Peck, Executive Director, Partnership for Children and Youth

  • Luke Anderson, Placer County Office of Education

  • Michael Lombardo, Placer County Office of Education

  • Anna Maier, Learning Policy Institute

  • Naomi Ondrasek, Learning Policy Institute

  • Jeff Owen, SAS

  • Ari Poyurs, Kelvin Education

  • James Schneider, Kelvin Education

  • Alix Gallagher, PACE

  • Heather J. Hough, PACE

  • Dave Calhoun, CORE

  • Alyssa Galloway, CORE

  • Shawn Bernardo, PACE

  • Ben Friedman, Panorama

  • Kevin Snyder, Panorama

  • Baxter Khan, Panorama