Cal-Well Analyses

As a participant in Cohort 2 of Cal-Well, Humboldt County administered the custom module designed for the program to measure items on Mental Health Supports. These items were developed by the University of California - San Francisco, and assesses the following items:

  • Students’ mental health (e.g., in the past month, how often did you feel lonely?)

  • Availability of adult and peer social supports (e.g., I have an adult at my school that I can talk to about my problems)

  • Access to mental health services (e.g., I know where to go or who to contact at school for help when I am very sad, stressed, lonely, or depressed)

  • Openness to utilizing mental health supports and services (e.g., people at my school talk openly about mental health)

Of the 19 districts that completed the CHKS in 2020/2021, two districts, McKinleyville Union Elementary and Northern Humboldt Union, completed the Mental Health Supports Module.

Cal-Well Module Reports '20-'21

The results of the Cal-Well Mental Health Supports Module provided insights that could guide the districts' decisions on how to best support the social-emotional needs of their students and families.

View the reports below. (Note: Right-click to open a graph in a new tab)

McKinleyville Union Elementary - Elementary Report

Grade 5 Sample: 50 students

Response Rate: 44%

McKinleyville Union Elementary - Secondary Report

Grade 6 Sample: 64 students

Response Rate: 63%

Grade 7 Sample: 82 students

Response Rate: 69%

Grade 8 Sample: 78 students

Response Rate: 61%

Northern Humboldt Union - Secondary Report

Grade 9 Sample: 324 students

Response Rate: 76%

Grade 10 Sample: 269 students

Response Rate: 64%

Grade 11 Sample: 260 students

Response Rate: 67%

Grade 12 Sample: 207 students

Response Rate: 58%

Northern Humboldt Union - Non-traditional Students Report

Non-traditional: Continuation, community days, alternative school students.

Sample: 44 students

Response Rate: 49%