Multi-Tiered System of Support

Since the inception of MTSS, a total of 16 school districts, and one charter school, in Humboldt County have participated in the program through cohorts 1-3. This participation impacts approximately 15,477 students, representing 18,100 of the total student population.

Below is a table that highlights the sustainable impacts of MTSS participation through district goals, actions, and services as reflected in the 2018-2019 LCAPs. Each investment in the district (~$50,000 grants), translates into ongoing capacity building and continued investment by the district to sustain MTSS. Specific keywords that reflect MTSS were identified (e.g., social-emotional learning, counseling, and tiered supports) and highlighted if the district included these words (goals, actions, and services) in the LCAP. For example, Fortuna Elementary School District participated in MTSS as a Cohort 1 districts and included Goal 3: Develop positive school climate which engages students and is based on school wide positive behavior practices. To support this goal, the district administered student climate surveys, and site surveys of parent attitudes/perceptions of school climate. Counselors and psychologists are available to address the behavioral and academic needs of targeted student groups and engage them more fully at their school sites and help to improve the overall school climate (Budget: $423,214 for '17-'18 / $429,807 for '18-'19 & '19-'20). The district also offered a music program to engage all students to increase attendance and improve school climate (Budget: $105,255 for '17-'18 / $134,254 for '18-'19 & '19-'20). The scan below demonstrates the overall impact and qualitative proxy for the sustainability of the statewide investment. As districts completed a greater number of FIAs, there is a corresponding number of MTSS terms reflective of goals, actions, and services.

MTSS LCAPs - Humboldt County